"The Age of Stupid" Hopes to Inspire More Climate Activism

The Age of Stupid has arrived after half a decade in the making.  Franny Armstrong has made a new climate change documentary-drama that stars Pete Postlethwaite as an indie climate change refugee from 2055,  that shares the tragedy of of global warming.

In addition to their screenings, they offer ways to help via their ‘not stupid‘ climate activism effort. They are truly trying to encourage folks to participate in lobbying politicians leading up to the talks in Copenhagen at the end of the year.

In fact, the premiere of the climate movie “The Age of Stupid,” featured an extraordinary video link and announcement from the President of the Maldives, “which, it was claimed, could be ‘game-changing’ in the challenge to politicians to tackle climate change effectively at the Copenhagen summit in December.” ~Yahoo and OneClimate

This worst case scenario approach seems to be motivating change to reverse the dark picture this film paints..It would be interesting to see more films that show the best case scenarios we are all hoping for.

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