Thanksgiving Love :: Remember Native Americans with National Charities and Emergency Relief

Sadly, many Native American Communities inside the United States are living in poverty and this Thanksgiving they truly need our love. However poor, Native Americans have always maintained a wealth of wisdom on how to heal and revive themselves, now let’s honor and nourish them and their rich culture as this historic holiday approaches.

National Relief Charities shares: “Our dream is to join with Native peoples to build strong self-sufficient American Indian communities. This is our dream and our passion. What is your dream? You can show you remember American Indians this Thanksgiving.”

Specifically Shannon Albert, President of National Relief Charities explains that “the key to the success of National Relief Charities programs is the relationship that we form with our program partners on the reservation.”

In addition we honor that “Native American Emergency Relief outreach makes weekly food distributions to the Indians living on the Navajo and Hopi reservations.”

“Native American Emergency Relief is a program of World Emergency Relief. Serving since 1974 and incorporated in 1985, World Emergency Relief (WER) is a Public Benefit non-profit organization. WER and its global family of programs are in 24 countries around the world. Our vision is to address children’s critical needs of water, food, healthcare, education, and child safety, as well as the requirements of their families and communities, “giving children a living chance”.

World Emergency Relief is registered in states where required and is recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) charity

World Emergency Relief alleviates the suffering of human beings by providing humanitarian relief and developmental aid to people who have been marginalized by geography, or harmed by natural disaster, war, armed conflict, exploitation, physical or mental abuse, or economic deprivation.”

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  1. We here at National Relief Charities greatly appreciate your highlighting our Thanksgiving services. This year we are providing Thanksgiving food for over 60,000 Native Americans on 20+ reservations. You can follow National Relief Charities on Twitter @NRCprograms and on Facebook at, or contact us at 800-416-8102 to learn more about our other services.

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