Texas: 1/2 Billion Trees Killed from Current Drought

texas drought cartoon

Yep, this is one of the effects of global warming we can expect to see more and more of. Global warming causes drought. And drought kills plants, animals, and humans.

Texas has seen record-breaking drought in the past year. That has far-reaching implications for not only Texas, but the whole world. And, yes, if it crossed your mind, the death of half a million trees means even more greenhouse gas emissions heading to the atmosphere, which then create even more global warming and climate change effects like extreme drought and fires (get the picture? it’s a cycle).

But, back to the news: “The state of Texas lost 5.6 million urban trees — and as many as 500 million forest trees — in the drought that’s been going on since last year,” Christopher Mims writes on Grist. “That’s 10 percent of the city trees and 10 percent of the forest trees in the state.”

Economic damage? Well, simply from the services the urban trees offered humans, the cost is $280 million. But then add on an additional $560 million to remove the dead trees. And, again, add on the increasing global warming and climate change that come from having fewer trees.

texas drought soil

Unfortunately, Texas isn’t out of this drought yet, and if it goes on for another year, it’s projected the state could lose twice as many trees (as many trees are on the brink of death already).

Sound good? OK, so let’s keep on with business as usual!

Images: Texas Jack & Jill drought cartoon & drought-stricken soil via shutterstock

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