Tell Obama to Drop Monsanto Lobbyist from FDA!

monsanto fda relationship

One of the sad things about U.S. government today is the revolving door between industry and politics. Politics is for industry these days, not for the people. One “revolving door poster child” is Michael Taylor. Taylor was a Monsanto attorney and chief super lobbyist and (re)joined the FDA in July 2009. He was eventually named the Deputy Commissioner of Food. Conflict of interest?

Truthfully, where do you think he’ll go when he’s done his job in the federal government again?

That’s the start of an article I wrote over on Eat Drink Better this week. The focus of the article is a call to action by Food Democracy Now! and CREDO to get Michael Taylor out of the FDA.

But there’s more context here if you want to learn more as well: Monsanto Lobbyist at FDA Needs to Go — Tell Obama.

Image via CREDO petition


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