Taxpayers to Financially Support 1st Liquid Coal Plant in U.S.?

Liquid coal is nasty stuff. Using it as an alternative to oil would create about twice the global warming pollution that oil creates, as well as numerous other environmental woes. Nonetheless, the U.S. government may soon help the first liquid coal plant in the U.S. get off the ground in Wyoming.

Apparently, private sector investors aren’t interested in funding this plant, since it is too financially risky, so it has been sitting in limbo for years.

When you can’t get the private sector to support your bad idea, though, you still have one last resort — U.S. taxpayers.

Reportedly, the Department of Energy (DOE) is considering doling out $2 billion in loan guarantees to support this potential liquid coal plant.

You can tell the DOE what a bad idea you think liquid coal is and can urge it to say “no” to this loan guarantee request via the petition linked above.

You can also read more about liquid coal and coal in general by visiting my piece.

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