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This Tea-Party-led Congress (well, all of the Republican party) has attacked our water, air, and climate protections more than any in history. It is out of this world how little care they have for the necessities of life. One of the most recent attacks, from one of the leading culprits, Senator Rand Paul, continues the attacks on our air. It is going to be voted on soon by the Senate. You can urge your Senators to oppose it today (as if they should need help on such a simple matter). Here’s more from the American Lung Association, which is hosting a petition to your Senators:

The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on Senator Rand Paul’s legislation (S.J. Res. 27) that will block the EPA’s ability to enforce the Cross State Air Pollution Rule. If Senator Paul succeeds, the EPA will no longer be able to protect the public from smog and soot that blows across state lines, continuing to expose Americans to dangerous levels of air pollution that lead to illness or premature death.

Head on over to the American Lung Association to take action today.

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