Take Action: Protect Arctic Seal Pups, Keep Oil Out of Arctic

I got the following message in an email from Ocean this week and think it should be passed on:

Right now, families of seals are swimming in Arctic waters. But just like you and me, seals need to breathe and must take a break from their underwater lives to come to the surface for air.

But imagine if instead of inhaling crisp, clean Arctic air, seal pups are forced to breathe in oil and its toxic fumes – potentially deadly poisons they can’t escape.

Our government is about to let oil companies drill in the Arctic, endangering seals, other marine animals, and local communities who rely on a healthy Arctic Ocean. But the drilling hasn’t started yet – and we still have a chance to save seals from a slow, painful death from toxic oil.

Can you guess what’s next? Yes, a call to action, a request to sign a petition to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) telling it to not approve offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Take action now and sign the petition!


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