Sweet Bicycle Fabrics (199 of Them)

bicycling fabric

Becky Striepe of sister sites Crafting a Green World and Eat Drink Better recently shared this sweet bicycle fabric with me. But, what I just realized is that it’s not just one bicycle fabric, it’s 199 of them! Apparently, the site Spoonflower was hosting a bicycle fabrics design competition, and the one above was the winner. Here’s what the site had to say about it:

As a cluster of great bicycle fabrics came into the final stage of this week’s competition, one designer broke away and finished the week wearing the yellow jersey (or interlock knit, in our case). She is Ine Beerten (Zesti), a Dutch Belgian illustrator (so sorry, Ine!) whose work we’ve had reason to admire previously in the Project Selvage finals from last year, as well in our kite and carousel contests. Congratulations, Ine!

The other 198 entries are listed and linked over on Spoonflower — head on over there to check them out!

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