Swans (10 Friday Photos)

Swan Photo 1 Photo Credit: James Lines via Flickr

I come from Poland and I will never forget these days when I was young, when I went to the nearest park where there was a huge pond with swans. I loved to go there and I was really disappointed whenever there were no swans. I remember that once a swan came to our school, because it was really close to the park. Of course the kids were excited about that event! Fortunately, nothing happened to that poor, lost bird and he made it back to his swan family!

Solitary swan

Swan Photo 2 Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad via Flickr

Fly, swan, fly!

Swan Photo 3 Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett via Flickr

Walking swan

Swan Photo 4 Photo Credit: jezzajeff via Flickr

Adult swan with cute swan babies

Swan Photo 5 Photo Credit: Nigel Musgrove via Flickr

Three swans looking into the mirror

Swan Photo 5 Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad via Flickr

Awesome company

Swan Photo 7 Photo Credit: Harry Harris via Flickr

Lazy swan’s head

Swan Photo 8 Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad via Flickr

Swan battle?

Swan Photo 9 Photo Credit: Alan Williams via Flickr

What is he doing, mom?

Swan Photo 10 Photo Credit: doug88888 via Flickr

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