Sustainable Superfood Powder from Moringa Tree Supports Women Farmers

moringa-treeSuperfoods are all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder, considering the denatured condition that most processed foods are in, and the fact that more of us are turning to food for our health and healing. And while we’re probably well acquainted with some of the more common superfoods such as kale, there’s a fairly new (at least in the US) food that can offer us high amounts of protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, while also supporting women farmers in the developing world.

The Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera), which is native to South Asia, has a long history of being used for both food and medicine by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, and is considered by Ayurvedic medicine to cure or prevent more than 300 diseases. Moringa trees, dubbed “miracle trees,” are also a very important drought-tolerant plant used for combating deforestation in Kenya and other parts of Africa, while also improving soil fertility, increasing food security in those areas.

In the West, Moringa is a newcomer to the superfood scene, but because it’s considered to be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet (its leaves are edible, as well as the oil-bearing seeds), it may very well end up playing a bigger role in nutrition and healing here as well. And when you combine a highly nutritious superfood with a social enterprise, the positive impact of foods based on Moringa can go well beyond the usual reach of most food products.


Kuli Kuli, which is first company to introduce Moringa to the U.S. market in the form of a food product, already offers three flavors of gluten-free and vegan protein bars based on the miracle tree, but has now launched a superfood powder made from ground Moringa leaves that can be mixed into just about anything.

In addition to offering a nutritious superfood, Kuli Kuli also supports women farmers in the developing world, enabling them to earn a living while also growing an important food for their own families and villages. The Moringa used by Kuli Kuli in their products is harvested from women-owned farms in West Africa, allowing them to earn a fair wage and support their families without being exploited for profit, as many cash crops can.

“By carefully managing our supply chain to source only a portion of each harvest for Western consumption and by paying fair wages, we are helping to ensure that superfoods like moringa benefit those who need them the most.” – Kuli Kuli

Moringa powder, made from 100% pure moringa leaf, can be used to add a superfood boost to your morning smoothies, to baked goods, or just about any recipe that could benefit from a nutrient-dense ingredient. The moringa powder and the superfood protein bars are available from Kuli Kuli.

[Images: Kuli Kuli]

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