Support Organic Seed Growers Suing Monsanto

Jeannie Moulton recently wrote a good post over on our sister site Eat Drink Better on an action opportunity I think many of you would be interested in helping out with. Here’s the intro to the piece:

Monsanto has a history of suing farmers for patent infringement over the years, often wrongfully. Well, the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) has decided to sue Monsanto for wrongful patent infringement lawsuits.

Problems with genetically modified seeds

Giant corporations are coming to control the food supply. The system they instill is set up perfectly for monoculture, which destroys ecosystem diversity.

Ecosystem diversity is important for controlling disease and pests. Company like Monsanto attempt to control this by using chemicals and genetically modified seeds (which are failing). They are shrinking the world’s seed diversity through these tactics.

Read more on Eat Drink Better: Organic Seeds Growers are Suing Monsanto – support them.

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6 thoughts on “Support Organic Seed Growers Suing Monsanto”

  1. Yes, I heard that comment in the Soy Booth (Soy feeds the World) at the Indiana State Fair. Have you heard of the super weeds caused by GMO products, “Blow over” that destroys the integrity of organic seeds, soil depletion caused by too many pesticides, and farmers committing suicide because the seeds they were foeced to buy will not grow into crops sufficient to save them from bankruptcy.

  2. jjdoublej is obviously a stooge.
    As a farmer, (I am now on my box) I KNOW that if people stayed within their 100 mile radius for food and then stayed in season then there would be ZERO problems. If people canned or froze foods in season then there would even less of a problem. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.
    Monsanto is a monster with unGod like ingredients added to really screw up your whole system. You obviously do not read or think beyond your short ride to your local poison store.
    It is the unnatural foods that can survive a month long shelf life that is the problem.
    Gads, these people breed…

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