Successful, Cool DC Bike Sharing Program — Video (+ Top Green Living Stories)

Here’s a great video of DC’s highly successful bike-sharing program by the talented filmmakers at Streetfilms (love those guys and girls). We just got a bike-sharing program in Wroclaw, and I’m loving it, though it does have a couple problems still.

After this DC bike-sharing video, you can check out my ‘daily’ roundup of top green living stories from around the internet.

Clean Food

  1. Are food prices approaching a violent tipping point?
  2. Urban Farming – A Variety of Approaches
  3. Sustainability 101: How To Start Foraging For Food

Clean Transportation

  1. Eight-Wheels All-Electric Bus Tested in Japan, Not Ready for Public Roads…Yet
  2. Earthquakes: one more reason to ride your bike
  3. Rapid Response Grant supports Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s progress in bike share campaign
  4. Cities in Europe for Cyclists: Paris vs Berlin
  5. Airport ‘Bicycle Shuttle’ In Rio De Janeiro (Video)
  6. Cycling etiquette: to draft or not to draft?
  7. Electric Bikes Put a Charge into Commuting
  8. TOD Booms in California
  9. Mag-Lev Project Meets Approval in Japan
  10. I-GO Car Sharing: Mobility as Social Enterprise
  11. Britain Launches World’s First National EV Charging Network 
  12. Could YOU Drive an EV? – Part I: EV Profiler

Clean Power

  1. Why We Should Democratize the Electricity System (Part 1)
  2. Wind Uprising DVD Giveaway Winner (+Top Wind Power News)
  3. Clean Solar Energy Offers Promising Small Business Opportunities
  4. One Step Closer to Clean Kinetic Energy for Your iPAD
  5. Hybrid Capacitors Provide Long-lasting Energy to LED Lights
  6. Solar Power Intro & 3 Key Solar Power Points (+ Top Solar Power News)

Clean Products

  1. New Natural Skincare Line from Joanna Vargas
  2. Fab Fabrics: Fall/Winter Line from ten14 organic textiles
  3. FTC Green Guide & Marketing: Greenwashing or Truth in Advertising?


  1. Do Virtual Gaming Good With MyConservationPark
  2. No Child Left Inside & What You Can Do

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