Stunning Video By NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams Shares The Beauty Of Earth From Space

When you’re the country’s astronaut who has clocked the most days in space, such as NASA’s Jeff Williams with his 534 days of space time, you still may not be a household name or a social media star, but when you bring home ultra high-def (UHD) footage of the Earth, the internet loves you.

On a recent trip to the International Space Station, Jeff Williams used an Ultra High Definition camera to capture some amazing images of the Big Blue Marble from his vantage point some 250 miles above it. In the following video, Jeff’s Earth, he shares some of his favorite images, as well as his perspective on the beauty of the Earth and the value of sharing his experience with the rest of us, who won’t be going into space anytime soon.

The video of Jeff’s Earth, along with some other amazing NASA videos, is available to download in various formats, including the UHD version, at

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