Here Comes Trouble (cartoon)

Recent news of the habitable planet that circles a star called Gliese 581, and the ensuing article in the Huffington Post, by James Napoli inspired this little cartoon. The news is also reminiscent of one of my favorite children’s books Wump World, by Bill Peet.

Look out Wumps! Here we come!

New Earth-like planet discovered

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3 thoughts on “Here Comes Trouble (cartoon)”

  1. ?Yet another habitable planet from the same star system. Back in 2007, I covered the story of the discovery of Gliese 581c–which is about 5+ Earth masses, and just on the edge of the star’s habitable zone (Goldilocks zone)…apparently, the astronomers never gave up on their survey of this star system, and now come to find an even more habitable planet (581g)!

    It used to be common wisdom that red dwarf stars were NOT great places to look for earth-like planets, but since 2007, this wisdom has been overturned….and, it seems that there are plenty more red dwarfs stars in our “corner” of the galaxy…expect more discoveries in the years to come!

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