Stripping for Nike and Adidas

Have you ever considered stripping in public because the clothes you were wearing were produced using unhealthy and unethical practices? On July 23rd, over 600 people in ten countries did. They went out to public areas near shopping areas, danced and did a striptease until the word “Detox” could be fully seen on their bodies.

The Detox movement was started as a Greenpeace campaign which is promoting public awareness over the dangerous practices of clothing manufacturers in releasing carcinogenic chemicals into the environment. Greenpeace is specifically trying to get Adidas and Nike to go public with actions and plans. Greenpeace wants these manufacturers and several others to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals from across their entire supply chain and products.

The campaign was founded after an investigation by activists found water pollution in China that revealed links between a number of major clothing brands including Adidas and Nike, and suppliers in China who were found to be releasing hormone disruptors into Chinese waters.

While this may seem like a problem that only affects China, in reality everyone is affected. The findings from the investigation revealed the toxic chemicals that are being released by the clothes industry into the water are being found all over the world, the water travelling beyond just the initial contamination in China. This therefore shows that there is clearly a greater problem that poses serious global consequences for humanity as well as other life.

Several manufacturers, such as Puma, have already stepped up to the challenge to detox. But more businesses need to be leaders in the global movement for sustainability; from clothing and sports equipment producers to garage door and furniture producers.

Participants of Detox came from all over the globe; from places such as Austria, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Philippines and Thailand. The striptease may be over now, but there is still plenty to do to keep the detox campaign going. There are petitions that can be signed at Greenpeace and other websites. Even if stripping isn’t your thing, won’t it just feel good to promote good business practices for everyone?

Photo Credit: Cliff Cheng

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