Help Stop Whaling in Iceland

Killing off some of the most amazing creatures in the history of the planet, whales, is one of those things we are doing right now that make you really question the intelligence of humans. How can we do such a thing?

Calling on humans to be more sensitive creatures but also to realize and protect this great economic resource, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has a popular petition on Care2 right now urging us all to tell Hjálmar W. Hannesson, Iceland’s Ambassador to the U.S., to help stop this senseless whale slaughter in Iceland. IFAW writes:

Iceland’s whalers have killed 148 endangered fin whales and 60 minke whales this year, in the very waters where tourists go to marvel at these gigantic creatures.

Whaling is cruel, unnecessary and doesn’t make sense economically. Whale watching generates more than $15 million a year for coastal communities in Iceland – a humane, sustainable and profitable alternative to whaling.

Tell Hjálmar W. Hannesson, Iceland’s Ambassador to the U.S., you want Iceland to end whaling and work instead to protect its valuable whale watching industry.

Help bring the senseless slaughter of the world’s largest creatures to an end.

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Photo Credit: dryoptera via flickr (CC license)

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