Stop Refuge Hunting

Mule deer fawn in Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge, California.

This is a call to action from the Earth Island Institute I received via email.

The California Department of Fish and Game is quietly studying a plan that could end the hunting restrictions in 19 refuges across the state. The refuges cover nearly 1 million acres in 16 counties – including sections of Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, Mount Tamalpais in Marin County and parts of the Peninsula in San Mateo and San Francisco counties. Animal activists and conservationists are fighting the proposal, saying the department hasn’t adequately notified the public of the potential change. Fish and Game officials, some contend, are hoping to end protections for deer, bears, turkeys, doves and other wild animals in an attempt to increase the dwindling numbers of hunters, and pump up hunting fee revenues. Get Invovlved! For details or to submit public comments on a state proposal to eliminate 19 state game refuges, go to Public comments are due Dec. 1.

And via Inside Bay Area, here’s a nice statement by animal activist Eric Mills.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to hang onto the places in California where wild animals can go about their business without being shot?” said Eric Mills, coordinator of the Oakland-based group Animals for Action. “I think Fish and Game is out to improve access to hunters because it wants all the fishing and hunting license income that it can get to rescue their struggling budget.”

Take action to protect wildlife in California by completing a short survey or emailing comments to [email protected].

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Photo Credit: NDomer73 via flickr (CC license)

2 thoughts on “Stop Refuge Hunting”


    There’s been near-zero publicity on this important issue, though there was a fine cover story by Denis Cuff on Sunday, November 7, “REFUGES TARGETED,” which appeared in the OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, and CONTRA COSTA TIMES. Cynics might think this under-the-radar approach to be intentional on the part of the State Dept. of Fish & Game.

    AGAIN, THE DEADLINE FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS IS DECEMBER 1. Please make a few. You might also wish to cc the director of Fish & Game, John McCamman: [email protected]. And some Letters to the Editors of your local newspapers would help get the word out.

    All the other environmental groups have been remarkably silent on this issue. How come?

    Eric Mills, coordinator
    (not “Animals for Action”)

    1. Protect the wildlife in Calif. Protect the wildlife refuges. We need wild and natural places in the world to keep the balance in nature

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