Spring into Gear with These Tune-Up Bike Tips from Genesis Bikes

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You know we love biking here on Planetsave — it’s one of the greenest thing you can do (and a ton of fun). Here’s a great guest post from those in the know when it comes to biking, Genesis Bikes. Enjoy!

Pedal out into spring with these 5 easy tips to getting your bike into tip-top shape! You might be ready to hop on your bike and take in the view, but your bike might not be – not just yet. Follow these easy tips, grab your helmet…and spring into action!

1.       Clean and Lubricate Your Chain – Clean off the grease and give your chain and sprockets a good wipe down with a light lubricant and towel. When they collect dirt and grit your bike not only slows down, but they also wear out much quicker. Keeping your chain clean and lubricated will make your bike go faster and keep your bike working well for longer.

2.       Inspect your Brake Pads – Squeeze the brakes a few times to make sure they are functioning well. The brake pads should be properly aligned and hitting the rims evenly. Get rid of the junk! Inspect the surface of the brake pads and dig out any bits of sand or metal that may have become embedded.

3.       Examine the Tire Pressure – The proper level of air pressure in your tires is often overlooked, but it can make a huge difference! The correct air pressure can accomplish: easier pedaling, protect rims from damage, prolong the life of your tires, and decrease the chance of getting flats.

4.       Get Tightened Up – Check your bike for any loose screws and blots including the seat, pedals, handlebars, and shifters.

5.       Shine that Frame – Use mild soapy water to wipe down the bike frame and components starting at the handlebars and working your way back. Remove hardened grime and be on the lookout for cracks or damage in need of repair.

This post was written by bike expert Nelson Maldonado, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing for Genesis Bikes.

About Genesis

Genesis uses high quality components for their products, including the latest Shimano innovations and the latest styling and geometry. The top selling line of bicycles can be found exclusively at Walmart for bike dealer quality at affordable pricing.

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