Some Virginia Residents Think Oceans Aren't Rising, & Heckling Planners Who Are Trying to Protect Them


The story below immediately made me think of the classic global warming denial cartoon above, and the one below is a good fit too.

The story: a number of Virginia residents duped into believing global warming is a hoax are pissed off about local planners changing zoning codes based on growing flood threats. “A well-organized and vocal group of residents has taken a keen interest in municipal preparations for sea-level rise caused by climate change, often shouting their opposition, sometimes while planners and politicians are talking,” the Washington Post writes.

“When planners proposed to rezone land for use as a dike against rising water, these residents, or “new activists,” as Lawrence calls them, saw a trick to take their property.”

Cartoons via Matt Bors of The Free Press and Joe Mohr.

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