Solar-powered Water Purifying Affordable Homes Can be Donated or Purchased

Mesocore offers a container-sized housing solution that purifies rain water and is solar-powered. The potential return on investment for donating one to a family in need is very large. If you consider that there are millions of people around the world living without housing, electricity or clean drinking water, Mesocore self-contained micro homes could drastically improve their quality of life.

Image Credit: Mesocore

For example, in disaster areas devastated by hurricanes or typhoons, there is no dry, warm housing left remaining for stranded residents. Also, there may be no buildings left safely intact at all. A Mesocore pre-fabricated structure can be shipped and assembled on site in order to create a new medical clinic, school, command center or community center. Multiple Mesocore structures can be shipped and quickly built to provide housing for sleeping and cooking as well.

Charitable giving sometimes focuses on specific needs, such as donating for water to people who have none for drinking, cooking, washing or storage for emergencies. This type of giving is perfectly valid, but people in need often require more than one essential thing to help them survive.

Mesocore structures are designed to help collect and store water, provide safe housing and generate clean electricity (rather than from diesel generators). So, the intention is to solve several problems with one donation, though obviously a large one.

The success of a Mesocore structure in providing basic needs does depend on there being a reasonable amount of rain to collect and sunshine to generate electricity via the solar panels. A rainwater collection system on the roof is about 1100 square feet, and is inward sloping.  An estimated 700 gallons of rainwater can be collected per inch of rainfall. This water is directed to a 2,000 gallon tank for storage. Before use, it is filtered through three cartridges and treated with UV purification light. Collected water can also be heated with a roof top thermal solar collector.

Up to 18 solar photo voltaic panels can be installed on the roof and when combined with 24 maintenance free, fully charged Absorbed Glass Mat batteries the system is designed to generate about 8,ooo kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

It should be noted that in areas with reasonable amounts of rain and sunshine, a Mesocore structure could provide both water and electricity with no utilities.

Considering the very high cost of housing for many, and the huge number of people living in poverty, the donation of a self-contained, utility-free home would be a gift that would keep on giving for many years or even decades.

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