Solar-Powered 3-Wheeler — Icare Twike (+ Top Green Living Stories)

Some top green living stories of the day, starting with the solar-powered Icare Twike:

Clean Transportation

  1. Around the World on 3 Wheels + Solar Power: Icare Twike (video & pics above)
  2. In SF, You Are the Bike You Ride
  3. Subversive Bicycle Photos – New South Wales
  4. Anytime, Anywhere: Telecommuting to Save Money, Minutes and Carbon

Clean Lighting

  1. An Efficient 60 Watt LED Bulb For Under $15
  2. Tony Anderson: Changing Light Bulbs & Changing Lives
  3. LuminAID: The Cheap, Portable Solar Light


  1. How to Build a Tiny, Off-Grid House for $2500 (Video)
  2. D.C. Revolutions’ Wind Turbine Prototype Seeks Public Funding
  3. Raven + Lily: A Fusion of Compassion and Design
  4. Make a Natural First Aid Kit

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