Should the Birds Affected by the BP Oil Disaster Be Saved or Euthanized?

Environmental groups debate whether it’s more humane to euthanize or save the wildlife impacted by the BP oil disaster in Louisiana.

The great debate is on as environmental groups and other agencies around the world attempt to find the best way to manage wildlife, specifically birds, that have been victimized by the oil spill in Louisiana. We’ve all seen the videos of poor pelicans, already endangered wading through murky water and other water fowl stuck in toxic water that reaches up to their beaks. Their fate isn’t positive, and that reality is causing the World Wildlife Fund and other groups to debate how they should manage the affect upon wildlife so they suffer as little as possible.

There are two major options as far as the WWF and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are concerned; they can try and save the birds, giving 1% of them a fighting chance at life, or they can euthanize them and not worry about efforts to preserve life. These options don’t mean that all rescue efforts would stop, but there just aren’t the resources available to get to all of the bird population suffering in the Gulf.

The debate that’s taking place about these two options is less about policy making and more about morality. Some believe that in attempting to save the birds, they’re only prolonging the suffering and death of all 99% of birds that will not survive the impact of oil. These people hold the train of thought that euthanizing them would be the more humane option. Others believe that it’s just not right to kill the wildlife when some of them might live through the ordeal.

Where’s your moral ground when it comes to this issue?

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2 thoughts on “Should the Birds Affected by the BP Oil Disaster Be Saved or Euthanized?”

  1. This is such a Sad Situation.
    These Animals are Innocent Victims and we should make every Attempt to Save them At All Costs!
    We Are Responsible for this Tragedy!!!!
    Euthenizing is a cop out, and a serious lack of compassion, to not attempt to save everyone possible.
    Wise Up America, Take Responsibility!
    Does anyone see what is happening? Where is America Headed?
    We are Gradually Killing Ourselves, by damaging the Environment.
    Our "Casual" Disregard for wildlife and our planet is sickening.
    We just take everything for granted and when we damage it; can we just shrug it off and move on…. ?
    Mark my Words, if we keep going as we are, ruining our environment and every living thing, we will be extinct too. We Need to Make a Change America… Wise Up.

  2. Sabrina Ahmed

    Definitely not! It was human's mistake that led to the endangerment of these creatures and we should be doing whatever we can to restore their quality of life. As a member of the Green community, I am thoroughly disgusted by this oil spill massacre and hope that it inspires our government to improve it's efforts to lessen our country's impact on the Earth.

    On another note, I do feel that being a Green citizen that it should be our responsibility to help educate others on why improving our efforts to lessen our carbon footprint and conserve our Earth's resources is so important. We should be doing our best to share and pay forward resources that we find helpful and enlightening. I encourage everyone to visit

    The site has an abundance of information on current green issues and ideas that have helped me significantly on my journey to educate myself and my family on why Green is so important. They also have a helpful online store that carries a variety of green and sustainable products (many made of recycled materials) , at very affordable rates. I hope it helps you like it has me.
    Good Luck being Green!

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