Shark Finning Banned in U.S.

We’ve got some good news this week regarding sharks. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives just passed the Shark Conservation Act (apt timing considering our last 10 Friday Photos post was on sharks… and the fact that the lame duck session is drawing to a close soon in Congress). The Act will bring an end to shark finning in U.S. waters.

Here’s more from an email sent to me from Beth Lowell, Federal Policy Director at Oceana, earlier this week:

Shark fin soup is an expensive dish that drives the shark finning trade, but the role sharks play in marine ecosystems is priceless. By improving shark conservation, the US is improving overall ocean health.

Each year, commercial fishing kills more than 100 million sharks worldwide – including tens of millions for just their fins. The requirement to land sharks whole, as well as a new prohibition on the transfer of fins at sea, will help end shark finning by U.S. fishing vessels.

Great news. Thousands upon thousands of U.S. citizens urged their representatives in Congress to pass this legislation. Telling Congress what you want isn’t the only way to get their attention, though. Telling them “Thank You!” when they do something good is also important.

Take a second to tell Congress “Thank You!” for passing this key legislation to save sharks, many of which are in endanger of becoming extinct.

And, of course, to everyone who took action on this topic (or takes action on it now by thanking your Representatives and Senators), thank you!

Photo Credit: PedroAlberto98 via flickr

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