Seeking Proof Of Intelligent Life In The Universe? (cartoon and essay)

Proof of intelligent life (Australian Conservation Foundation)

Extraterrestrial life—life that does not originate from Earth—has been a subject of speculation since Copernicus theorized that Earth is not unique in the Universe. Intelligent life in the cosmos is actually a great explanation for the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and a lot of other peculiar structures in the world. (Crop circles, however, remain a mystery to this writer.) Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking (among others) have said that it’s actually improbable that life does not exist elsewhere.

Right now, NASA’s Kepler space observatory has confirmed 974 other planets that might support intelligent life. These include hot Jupiters, super-Earths, circumbinary planets, and planets located in circumstellar habitable zones of their host stars. Kepler has also detected over 3,601 unconfirmed planet candidates and 2,165 eclipsing binary stars. (If you’ve never heard of Kepler, just search here on Planetsave and you’ll discover a lot about it. Or google “Kepler” and find out where the earthseeker’s name came from.)

Science fiction has long speculated about who might dwell on some of these odd rocky satellites. Of course, we all know aliens can look like just about anything. There’s always E.T. or Chewbacca or Godzilla to remind us. Or the literary creations of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ursula LeGuin, Isacc Asimov, or Ray Bradbury. Then there are silicon lifeforms (shudder!), beings that morph, and highly evolved intelligent life with no bodies at all.

Extraterrestrials have put Roswell, New Mexico, on many a map. If you haven’t yet managed to see an intelligent life UFO in your lifetime, look up! Look up! Or, in the case of Sphere and Atlantis, look down.

Now my final question is, is there a science fiction fan out there who can identify the aliens associated with Eugene Pherackertiban? Hint: look at “lost astronaut” stories. Bonus points if you have ever seen Killer Klowns, Slither, or Liquid Sky.

Many thanks to the Australian Conservation Foundation for the sad cartoon commentary above on the unfortunately brainless citizens of Terra!

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