Sea Shepherd's 5th Annual "See No Evil Art Show"

Next Saturday, June 25, is the 5th Annual Sea No Evil Art show to benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The event will be in Riverside, California.

Over 100 artists have been confirmed for the show! Some of the confirmed artists are:

Jeff Soto, Shepherd Fairey, Kinsey, Lola, Gary Baseman, Korin Faught, Mark Dean Veca, Vince Chan, Ryan Jacob Smith, Gretchen Ryan, Renee Lawter, Kevin Christy, The Clayton Brothers, Aunia Kahn, Mike Ski, Tara McPherson, Camille Rose Garcia, Kev Munday, Angie Clayton, Freida Gossett, Martha Rich, Michelle Valigura, Maya Hayuk, Ana Bagayan, Chris Anthony, Chivo, Bud Bottoms, Eric White and Joshua M. Smith/Hydro74.

In addition, Sea Shepherd crew members Matt Kimura and Chad Halstead and “Operation: No Compromise” campaign photographer Gary Stokes are donating pieces.

“VIP Tickets Now Available!!” the site writes.

VIP Ticket UPDATE: Now includes a private meet and greet with Captain Paul Watson before the show. Get into the show at 5:30 PM to meet Captain Watson, pre-view the art, get your Poster and Sea No Evil T-shirt included in the VIP Package!

Purchase Advance VIP tickets to Sea No Evil Art Show!! Get VIP entrance into the show, plus a show poster signed by Captain Paul Watson and Sea No Evil T-Shirt, all for $100. Order your VIP ticket by clicking the link here… Sea No Evil VIP Tickets

Learn more at: 2011 SEA NO EVIL ART SHOW – Benefitting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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