Sea Shepherd Activists Spray Whaling Ship With Rotten Butter


Anti-whaling activists aboard the Sea Shepherd vessel ‘Steve Irwin’ have covered a whaling ship with a smelly cocktail of rotten butter, methyl cellulose and indelible dye.

The unconventional sliming operation was carried out in a bid to intimidate the Japanese whaler, Kaiko Maru, into moving out of Australian Antarctic territorial waters. According to Peter Hammarstedt, the Sea Shepherd’s second officer, “this is one stinky, slippery ship.”

Activists claim the Kaiko Maru is hunting whales in the so called Australian Economic Exclusion Zone (AEEZ), in contravention of an Australian Federal Court Order specifically excluding all such activities.

Speaking about the protest, Steve Irwin Captain Paul Watson said, “Our objective now is to chase them out of Australia’s Economic Exclusion Zone. I have a chart here and it clearly states that these waters are Australian EEZ. There is an Australian Federal Court Order specifically prohibiting these ships from whaling in these waters. We have informed the whalers they are in contempt of this Court ruling.”

According to the Sea Shepherd press release, the crew have been pursuing the whaling fleet eastward for a week in a desperate game of cat-and-mouse in the frozen Southern Ocean. It can only be hoped that, as a result of the action, crew aboard the Japanese Vessel will smell the winds of change in public opinion on this issue and spead their sails in a hasty retreat home.

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Image Credits – Eric Cheng/Sea Shepherd

7 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd Activists Spray Whaling Ship With Rotten Butter”

  1. Now, reverse the situation.
    A Japanese ship, stalks, and then has it crew throw GLASS bottles of noxious, mild acid, at Americans. Is this not dangerous to a human being?
    Can glass cut, slash, and blind a human being?
    By ramming a vessel, with mega-tons of steel, and thrust, into an American vessel, not be an act of terrorism?
    Do we ever hear of the injuries to the crew of the other vessel? No. Yet, we all have seen the impact of colliding ships, and we all know, someone is getting hurt.
    Imagine a driver, ramming your car, on the road. No difference. NONE.
    The Steve Irwin, Captain Paul Watson , and his crew are terrorist and high sea pirates.
    No different then the Somalis who hijacked the Alabama, and were killed for doing so.
    Thus, the same measure of justice should be instantly implemented toward the Terrorist ship, “Steve Irwin.
    Because that is what America did to those who terrorized it’s ship.
    And for a bit of horrible information, 2 years ago the original ship, the Nisshin Maru, while processing a whale, in it’s bottom enclosed decks, the whale suddenly exploded. “Someone” placed a incendiary explosive in a partially dead/diseased whale. The fire was so extensive, the Nisshin Maru, nor police were unable to properly identify the bomb. It destroyed the Nisshin Maru.
    Gee, I wonder, what type of sick human being, had the motivation for such a horrendous act?
    Again, had this been an American vessel, the American public would be screaming”Kill the bastards” ET…
    Yet, a twisted irony is, , IT’S ALWAYS “OK” WHEN AMERICA ATTACKS SOMEONE. But God forbid someone do this to an American.

    After all, if Americans use lethal force for there ships, then so should the Japanese.

    Please go to the Irwin’s web site, note the sponsors, and never buy there products again. If you don’t, your supporting terrorism.

  2. Captain Watson. “I have not gone to sea over all these years to simply bear witness to the atrocities that whalers continue to inflict upon the most gentle and intelligent beings in the seas. We are sea cops—operating legally under the guidelines of the United Nation’s World Charter for Nature, which allow for the enforcement of international conservation law by non-governmental organizations in international jurisdictions.”
    In 1986, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) enacted a moratorium on all commercial whaling. Since then, three nations – Iceland, Norway, and Japan – have brutally slaughtered over 25,000 whales under the guise of scientific research and for commercial purposes. The IWC does not have the capacity to enforce the moratorium. Sea Shepherd, guided by the United Nations World Charter for Nature, is the only organization whose mission is to enforce these international conservation regulations on the high seas.

  3. I saw the episode where Capt. Paul “The fattest vegan alive” Watson was ‘shot’. Unless he has the most incredible bulletproof vest in existence, he was not shot. When a person is shot while wearing a bulletproof vest, a large, ugly bruise and possibly broken ribs are the result. They are also noticeably moved back, a result of the vest absorbing the velocity of the bullet. The only mark on the captain was a small pinprick caused by whatever badge he was wearing under the vest. I have doubts over the authenticity of the badge because the bullet striking the vest caused the badge to cleanly break. A metal badge will not break. It may become dented or bend, but not break. What the crew was calling a bullet looked more like a piece of the flash bang grenade jacket. While this fragment of the grenade jacket would cause severe damage if it hit someone in the eye, striking a bulletproof vest does not pose any serious damage. I dare chubs to have the fragment examined by an independent munitions expert and then report their findings.

    Watson is a shameless attention seeker willing to risk the lives of his crew in order to make himself seem relevant. Next time he has crew members illegally board a whaling vessel, I sincerely hope they are taken back to Japan and imprisoned. That is, if they don’t have an ‘accident’ and fall overboard on the trip back. If this jackass was serious, he would be sinking whaling boats, not having his geek squad toss stink bomb.

  4. Apparently the Crew of the Steve Irwin are saying that the captain was shot while on a stink bomb attack. Luckily he was wearing a bullet proof vest, though it could just be a publicity stunt.

    The Japanese ship was documented throwing flash grenades and tear gas though.

  5. Any action that causes no loss of human life, and gets the message out is commendable! Go for it! We folks that can live a simple unassuming and low carbon footprint life are increasing in number, as the greed and advertising become more transparent. Post -(GRD) great republican depression, The American sense of entitlement, and their higher expectations will be shattered as not even a nuclear holocaust can do, with the devaluation of the dollar and other GRD effects as to render them a polite unassuming, humbled and reality based people! This paradigm shift, enforced by China’s ability to out perform America in all ways, will be welcomed in a world looking for peace and progress for all. We hope for a time when the word “Sustainable” takes on Biblical proportion, and man remembers fellow man first! japan operates with an impunity granted as a U.S. ally! not Right!, not right!

  6. Using the same principle, isn’t there some other mix that spread on whaling ships could just keep the whales away so no matter where the ships go the whales will naturally stay away ??

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