Sea Otter Populations Need Your Help

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We’ve had a couple posts on sea otters on this site recently — a 10 Friday Photos post on otters and a post about the declining sea otter populations in California.

I have to be honest and let you know that one particular friend has been the driver behind these posts. She also recently recommended that we do one more post on a “Help Sea Otter Populations Recover” petition, since our “Planetsave readers love otters!”

The truth is, our readers do seem to love otters (these posts have done fairly well) — and who wouldn’t?! And otters do need our help.

Sea Otters in Trouble

“Southern Sea Otter populations have been dropping drastically for almost ten years. High mortality rates and low birth rates have scientists worried about the species itself and the repercussions this population drop will have on the food chain,” the intro to the petition states. “Sea Otters face immense challenges with food scarcity, disease and contamination in their waters. These and other factors need to be researched and addressed immediately in order for the populations to safely recover.

Sea otters need our help and a great legislative proposal, the Southern Sea Otter Recovery and Research Act, would go a long way in funding the help needed. So, write to your Senators today via a petition sponsored by Care2 on the petition site to do your part and help sea otter populations recover (if you care about these adorable creatures and the ecosystems they are a part of). It is the least we can do to help these cute creatures survive.

And a big thank you to Becky Striepe (editor of our sister site, Eat.Drink…Better.) for the story idea. πŸ˜€

Photo Credit: mikebaird via flickr

3 thoughts on “Sea Otter Populations Need Your Help”

  1. These graceful animals are so playful and optimistic. In native american plant spirit medicine, they are said to represent the female creative energy. How sad for our small planet if their populations or lives were threatened in any way.

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