Sea Dragon Pictures (10 Friday Photos)

sea dragon picture 1

Sea dragons? Well, they may not be real “popular,” but they are such amazing animals and definitely deserve more attention. They are beautiful, colorful and look very magical. I think sea dragons could be a proper icon of all oceans, even though they mostly live near Australia. Check out these beautiful pics below. (Thanks to Taylen Peterson for this post idea!)

Yellow Sea Dragon

Sea dragon picture 2
Photo Credit: ProspectPhoto via flickr

Sea Dragon as Sky in the Night

sea dragon picture 3
Photo Credit: Paul Floyd via flickr

The Sun in the Sky

Sea dragon picture 4
Photo Credit: Namisan via flickr

More than One Sea Dragon

sea dragon picture 5
Photo Credit: Lyn Gateley via flickr

Such a Powerful Photo of Amazing Sea Dragon

sea dragon picture 6
Photo Credit: Tonic Immobility via flickr

Adventure Underwater

Sea dragon picture 7
Photo Credit: John K. via flickr

Come Closer, Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon Picture 8
Photo Credit: seanhfoto via flickr

Pink Princess of Sea Dragons?

Sea Dragon Picture 9
Photo Credit: Kate Hayes via flickr

Leafy Sea Dragon in the Big, Big Water

Sea Dragon Picture 10
Photo Credit: Charlene-SJ via flickr

What do you think of these? I fell in love with sea dragons, they’re just incredible!

Top Photo Credit: Artur Chapman via flickr

8 thoughts on “Sea Dragon Pictures (10 Friday Photos)”

  1. Absolutely some of the most beautiful creatures I’ve seen in a long time! Thank you for the pictures; they are being shared on!

  2. A friend recommended I visit this lovely site. I, too, had no idea that such creatures exist. Such beauty, and such beautiful photos! We must do all in our power to save this wonderful planet – and we must do it now!
    Have bookmarked this page and will return often, I hope.

  3. Such wondrous water creatures. I have done much photography of sea horses and love them….but had no idea these sea dragons even existed! Thanks for teaching me something new and beautiful today! Nicely done!

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