Saving BioGems : False Killer Whales Still in Danger in Hawaii

Last season NRDC announced it’s mission to save the Hawaiian island’s Whales, and now that this decision is facing the president we’re asking the Obama Administration to protect Hawaii’s false killer whales under the Endangered Species Act because the loss of even a few whales could endanger the survival of the entire population. These whales are among the most imperiled wildlife in the Hawaiian Islands with only 120 of them alive today.

Help grant federal protection to Hawaii’s coastal population of false killer whales. Shown below is one of my letters urging the Obama Administration to protect Hawaii’s false killer whales.

Here is my letter:

I urge you to list Hawaii inshore false killer whales as an endangered species under federal law.

The inshore population is an ecologically unique population of animals whose habitat around the Hawaiian Islands leaves them acutely vulnerable to harm. The best available ecological proof and scientific evidence indicates that the population has declined significantly over the last 25 years and that only about 120 individual whales remain.

The surviving false killer whales in danger face a number of serious potential threats to their survival, including injury and death from unregulated fishing practices, depletion of prey and exposure to toxic chemicals. Their numbers are so few that the loss of even a few more mature individuals could devastate the population as a whole.

Let’s find ways to save our wondrous oceans! If this unique population is to have any chance at survival, it needs the protections, planning, and recovery efforts that only an Endangered Species listing can provide.

Numerous problems threaten their survival around the islands, from vanishing food sources to entanglement in fishing gear to toxic pollution. All of this including military sonar, so, since it only takes a minute, I also sent an additional letter regarding the escalating threats to whales worldwide here.

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