Save Japan Dolphins Day

This Thursday, October 14, people around the world are going to be protesting the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Rallies will be held in front of Embassies and Consulates of the government of Japan in numerous countries on all 6 inhabited continents.

Save Japan Dolphins Day is primarily being organized by Save Japan Dolphins and Oceanic Defense.

The Cove and the Animal Planet series Blood Dolphins are great sources of information and history on the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. If you haven’t seen those, a summary of the dolphin slaughter and related problems, from Save Lolita, is as follows:

The Japanese government issues 23,000 permits annually to coastal communities to kill dolphins of several species.  A few are sold, at great profit, to aquariums and swim-with-dolphins programs around the world.  The captive dolphin industry subsidizes the slaughter.  The majority of the pod are then slaughtered for meat.  But the meat is contaminated with huge amounts of mercury and other pollutants, exceeding the Japanese government’s own health limits.  This is a human rights issue as much as an animal welfare issue.

Contact info for the numerous people and organizations arranging demonstrations in different cities around the world is also available at Save Lolita.

Check out the rally locations and get involved if you can, either by joining a rally or starting one of your own.

It really is a shame what we do to other animals in this world.

Photo Credit: ladyLara ( Laura Bâlc ) via flickr

7 thoughts on “Save Japan Dolphins Day”

  1. Just a comment, I do not like this either but lets realise that its actually not just JAPAN that partake in this, NORWAY also slaughters whales and dolphins.

  2. what is wrong with these poeple this can t go on would they like that done to them the ones doing that to the Dolphins.People stop that they are nice.I ve got dolphins in my body i love them I wish I was there.

  3. This is an atrocity. These are extremely intelligent creatures with a highly developed social order. I think it is immoral and barbaric. it would be like us eating gorillas and chimps. I am sick of hearing “but it’s part of our culture…” from the Japanese. Get over it. Learn to adapt to the 21st century: one of the hallmarks of humanity is adaptability. The Japanese are gluttons when it comes to seafood, there won’t be much of anything left if they don’t start to control their voracious appetitie.

  4. Wow….I dont know is is going on in that country sometimes,but some things that they do is Very wrong. And killing it on sight like that is also wrong!! And plus isnt it illegal to kill animals like that, and or killing it without goverment aproval? Killing that animal is like killing mother earth!! Aren’t we sopost to be protecting our mother, and Not killing her? People don’t make any sence anymore because of what they do!!! STOP killing our world!!!! 🙁 It’s Not right!!! 🙁

  5. This is not about culture. This is not about Japan the country. This is not about who is right and who is wrong in the human world regarding dolphin slaughter. This is about the human race acknowledging that there are other intelligent species that exist on earth. This is about the human race in the 21st still acting like it doesn’t know better when it indeed does. The Japanese fisherman in Taiji have a chance to show the world that they are not going to live in the past doing what at one time may have been considered a necessity for survival. 21st Japanese fisherman do not need to be killing dolphins for food. I would like to think that they are an intelligent group that can and will figure out a better way to support themselves than by the slaughtering of Dolphins to supply food for Japan. I have been informed by several Japanese that they themselves do not see the necessity for killing dolphins nor do they eat dolphin meat. Japanese fisherman of Taiji show the world you can have a heart. Show the world you are an intelligent human and humane group that living in the 21st century can find a better way. Please.

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