Sarah Palin Schools Conservationists Follow-Up

Tom had a great post on Sarah Palin “schooling” conservationists last week, explaining to us clueless conservationists that pencils and paper come from trees. A new good friend of mine from WV Outpost picked up the story and added a lot to it, some of the thoughts definitely crossed my mind as well. Here’s the intro:

I recently read a post on one of my favorite blogs Planetsave, entitled Palin Schools Conservationists: Pencils Come from Trees.

She was doing her usual whining, saying that we Conservationists are always writing her nasty letters with our pretty pencils and paper made from trees.  Has the thought ever crossed her mind (small as it is) that we Tree Huggers may be using recycled pencils and paper? Pencils made from recycled newspapers or paper made from sugarcane pulp?  To write all those nasty letters with? Probably not, if she can’t see it from her front porch it doesn’t exist.

I guess if you have spent a lifetime destroying  everything in your path, for the sake of the almighty dollar, you start to lose sight of the difference between real life and fantasy. She constantly trashes other people to make herself look intelligent. Then when she messes up (constantly) she uses a really big words such as Golly gee folks to try and cover it up.

Read the full post here: Sarah Palin Has No Clue Eco-Friendly Paper and Pencils Exist

Photo Credit: asecondhandconjecture

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