Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin's lifeguard

Ronald Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine, thus spawning the one-sided, fear-mongering, bs-fest that is Rush Limbaugh and inevitably, FOX News.

Now I think I see why Palin called him “America’s lifeguard” (referring, of course, to Sarah Palin’s America).
Wondering what the Fairness Doctrine has to do with the environment? Read the links below.

Why is Glenn Beck peeing (and farting!?) in the pool? He must’ve read the links below.

More on the subject
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From TIME magazine: A Brief History Of The Fairness Doctrine

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2 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin's lifeguard”

  1. palin and michael reagan shamelessly use President Reagan to enhance their own shortcomings. Michael Reagan called palin his father in a skirt. I didn’t hear Former First Lady Nancy Reagan agree.
    Palin is no lifeguard. She has a history of not completing her tasks. She is perfect for the conservatives.
    Where are the Emails? Why in Alaska, a state that requires transparency of government work, has there been fifteen delays? What is the perfect sara trying to hid?
    Presidential Candidate? World Leader?

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