Ripe for Change (Movie)


Public discourse surrounding the direction of national agricultural production seems to highlight one specific point of divergence. In one direction, mass supply, transportation, industrialization, and accessibility are the driving forces. In the other, sustainability, localization, organics, and environmentally conscious production are deemed most essential. With “advancements” in technology and a growing green movement, heated debates over national vs. local, efficient vs. sustainable, and processed vs. organic will likely continue into the future.

As invested onlookers, the best we can do is be informed, decide for ourselves, and eat accordingly. The SnagFilms documentary Ripe for Change not only explores the aforementioned debate, but it examines the debate’s implications in California. From court cases to personal accounts, Ripe for Change causes its viewers to take a step back (or maybe even a second step back) to question the choices we make regarding our food, our planet, and our lives.

Check out the film below or watch it on the site via the link above.

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