Rick Santorum's Hypocrisy in Criticizing Rick Perry

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Sure, saying that Rick Perry “ignores reality” is true. Heck, they guy is the governor of a state that just had its (and any US state’s) hottest summer ever, record-smashing drought, and tremendous fires, and yet he ignores the conclusive scientific proclamation that we are causing catastrophic climate change and need to get off of fossil fuels to stop it. I mean, can you ignore reality any more?!

However, Santorum seems just about as crazy and ignores the clear climate science we should all be acting on NOW as well. He said “There is no such thing as global warming” on the Glenn Beck show this June! Looney.

He also called global warming a “beautifully concocted plan.” Yes, decades or more of climate science research coming to conclusions supported by nearly every (if not every) major, overarching scientific body in the world was a huge plan to keep conservative wackos out of political office, exactly.

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Seriously, if you think global warming isn’t happening and isn’t caused by humans, like Rick Santorum and Perry seem to think, you have clearly lost touch with reality. You may as well be in the crew that still thinks smoking isn’t harmful.

Why do I have the feeling the Republican primaries are going to get quite wacky?

(Of course, there is one Republican presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, who thinks it’s outright insane to not trust the scientists, but he doesn’t seem crazy enough to get the support of the majority of his party or the attention of the media.)

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2 thoughts on “Rick Santorum's Hypocrisy in Criticizing Rick Perry”

  1. I think you can add one more item to the AGW forensic evidence list. All those dragonflies in Miami over the weekend. An unusual swarm of dragonflies was predicted to infest Miami in the 2009 film: “Earth 2100”. It’s happening.

    Too many voters do not understand the complexities of how greenhouse gasses work. That’s why people like Perry can get away with saying such things.

    The Republicans are pushing hard to get environmental regulations lifted. The 112th Congress has already pushed “The Dirty Air” act through. Those clowns got voted in and so can Perry. (or Herman Cain that also wants to shut down the EPA) We’ve got to figure out a way to let more voters know what’s really going on.

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