Record Electric Vehicle Road Trip — Epic Electric American Road Trip — Concludes

record electric vehicle road trip

The record-setting Epic Electric American Road Trip — a first-of-its-kind, 24-day, 12,183-mile journey, the longest ever taken using nothing but electric power — recently concluded when the standard-issue Tesla Model S used crossed the finish line in Venice, California.

The journey — which ran a 27-state route that spanned all four corners of the lower 48 states — was undertaken in order to emphasize the possibilities already inherent in the country’s fast-growing electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and hopefully to spur further development as well.

The trip — which ran through the states of Florida, Maine, Washington, and California, amongst others — was possible largely thanks to the existence of Tesla’s Supercharger network of EV charging stations. Not a bad advertisement for Tesla. 😉

“We wanted to illustrate what’s possible with the nation’s charging infrastructure, and draw attention to needs for further improvement,” stated driver Norman Hajjar, the Managing Director of sponsor Rechargo’s driver research division. “The plausibility of a mass switch to EV usage in America simply can’t be separated from the need for a robust fast-charging network. I’ve traveled over 12,000 miles in under 3.5 weeks. With the proper infrastructure, there’s nothing an EV can’t do.”

The trip was navigated almost entirely via the use of Rechargo’s popular mobile app directory of public electric vehicle charging stations, PlugShare. PlugShare helps EV drivers locate exactly where they can recharge when traveling through unfamiliar areas — the database includes information on more than 48,000 public charging stations worldwide.

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