Rainbow Warrior III Sets Sail on Maiden Journey

Greenpeace’s new custom-built “crowd-funded, hyper-efficient, purpose-built environmental activist sailing ship” has set sail from its harbour in Bremen and is on its way to Hamburg on its first voyage after being launched.

The hull of the new Rainbow Warrior III on dry ground at the Fassmer Shipyard in Berne.

You can read all about the voyage and the history behind the vessel on the blog post written by Brian Fitzgerald, Greenpeace’s digital communications leader at the international headquarters who is on board and Tweeting all about it, including pictures.

You can also keep a track of what’s going on through the eyes of the newest additions to the Rainbow Warrior crew through the New Hands on Deck Facebook page.

Following the activities of the Rainbow Warrior III and her crew is going to be a great way to keep a track of the important activist stories, and you’ll be able to see them unfold through the eyes of those fighting the cause.

Source: Greenpeace
Image Source: © Oliver Tjaden / Greenpeace

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