Radiation Detected in Cleveland

Case Western Reserve University researchers have detected small amounts of Iodine 131 in the rainwater collected on the roof of a campus building. The radiation is believed to have come all the way from Japan in the wake of the near-nuclear meltdown following the massive magnitude-9 earthquake that struck the Sendai region.

The amounts of the isotope present poses no threat to human health, says Gerald Matisoff, professor of geology at Case Western, who added that the level of radiation is approximately one-tenth that of natural background radiation.

“In theory, the Iodine 131 could have come from any radioactive waste processing facility,” Matisoff said. “But, we know it’s from Japan. The isotope is being seen worldwide.”

Source: Case Western Reserve University

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  1. Oh well what the heck, radiation is good for us. Says Faux news Ann Coulter (whatever her name is) if its good for us..why does the x-ray tech run and hide behind a wall when they x-ray someone? LOL. I know x-rays have larger amounts of radiation, but really how stupid do they think we are? And are the readings they are giving us, real ones? We can only hope huh? Great post Josh.

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