Public Urination Commercials: One Way to Stop Vehicle Idling [VIDEO]

This is one way to get attention for a very serious but often ignored issue (i.e. vehicle idling) — create a commercial equating it to public urination.


Vehicle idling is responsible for countless emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. It is also completely useless much of the time, people just don’t think or are too lazy to turn off the engine.

It can be a hard issue to address, though. Even if a community decides to outlaw unnecessary idling, it can be tough to enforce. I lived in Charlottesville, Virginia a couple years ago when the city banned completely unnecessary idling of public vehicles. Nonetheless, nearly every time I rode the bus, it would sit idling illegally numerous times.

I think “Angry Sue” took an excellent approach to this issue with a great video PSA equating vehicle idling to urinating in public. Watch the video and judge for yourself (comments welcome below).


Here is Angry Sue’s explanation of where this idea came from as well:

If you read my previous rant you know how upset I am at those who idle their vehicles and poison our world. A few months ago, I was discouraged that my simple act of asking individuals to shut off their engines was not having enough impact. My ‘new to Canada’ neighbour especially drives me crazy as he runs his diesel fuelled GMC extended van every morning for 20 minutes no matter what the weather. We’ve had a few delightful confrontations which usually end with him yelling: “You, woman, go in house. I do what I want!” He even pounds his chest. I’m not kidding. That’s when I decided to produce an ‘end idling’ commercial. Luckily I know some very talented people who jumped on board. Here is the result. (I’ll be sending my neighbour a thank you note for being the push behind the project).

Good job, Sue and friends! Wish we had more of you in the world.

via TreeHugger

Image Credits: Angry Sue

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