Protest Plans Force BP to Postpone 100th Birthday Bash

BP originally planned to celebrate its 100th year as a company on April 1st, but when the news went public and protests were planned, the company backed down and has rescheduled to an undetermined date.


“Whenever and wherever BP attempts to hold a party to celebrate its tarnished centenary, we will be there to say ‘Your party’s over!'” said Art Not Oil’s Sam Chase. “BP’s one hundred years have seen a world plundered
and a climate torn asunder.”

BP, which won Greenpeace’s first annual Greenwashing Award for their costly ad campaigns, ramped up fossil fuel production by 121% last year and aims to continue this growth through 2020.

The party, which was to be held at the British Museum in London, also coincided with the arrival of the G20 leaders, protests, and Climate Camp, thus guaranteeing a large activist presense in the city who would happily attend. Additionally, April 1st has been declared “Fossil Fool’s Day” for the second running year, making it a less-than-perfect date for a BP party.

Image via London Rising Tide

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