Princes Tinned Tuna Linked to Mass Deaths of Marine Life

Want to know what company not to by tuna from? Or which companies to buy from (if you can’t kick the tuna habit altogether)? Greenpeace can help you out. It’s found that Princes tinned tuna is the worst, and Sainsbury and Marks & Spencer lead the industry. Here’s more:

Food giant Princes has been ranked as the least sustainable tuna brand in the UK market a new Greenpeace ranking report reveals….

The Japanese-owned food and drink company uses fish aggregation devices (FADs) along with massive nets known as purse seines to catch the majority of its tinned tuna, resulting in vast amounts of by-catch including sharks, turtles and juvenile tunas.

“Endangered sharks and other species are killed every year while catching tuna to be put in tins. And, despite the hugely misleading claims on their cans, Princes are the worst of the lot. It’s time for Princes to follow other industry leaders and stop selling tuna caught using methods which cause the deaths of sharks and many other marine animals,” said David Ritter, Greenpeace UK Oceans Campaign manager.

By contrast those that top the Greenpeace UK league table – Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer — use tuna caught with pole and line, a traditional method of fishing that minimises the catch of other species, and are among those that have pledged to support a proposal made by eight Pacific Island countries to set aside large areas of international waters around their borders as a fully protected marine reserve. This is an important move towards restoring the region’s declining tuna stocks.

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