Primates Attack: Monkey Kills Abusive Owner With Coconut

Following the news of a 31-year-old chimp who evidently likes to plot out attacks on his Swedish zoo visitors, a monkey in Thailand became tired of his owner beating him and forcing him up trees to collect coconuts — so he threw one straight at the owner’s head.


Leilit Janchoom purchased the monkey, named Brother Kwan, for $180 thinking the animal could help collect coconuts to sell at the market for five cents a piece. But Brother Kwan frequently became tired of climbing palm trees and would stop for a break.

Janchoom would beat the monkey until he’d climb up another tree for more coconuts. Sure enough, after one beating too many, Brother Kwan hurled a coconut straight down onto Janchoom’s head. He died instantly.

While Santino, the 31-year-old chimp in Sweden, was unfortunately castrated for his plotting, it’s unclear whether Brother Kwan escaped after the killing or faces any punishment. I think his case would stand up in court as self-defense.

So that makes three cases of captive primates flipping out in the last month — what’s going to happen next?

Via: Telegraph
Photo Credit: Eustaquio Santimano on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

8 thoughts on “Primates Attack: Monkey Kills Abusive Owner With Coconut”

  1. F* All Monkeys

    Monkeys are awful animals. If you have a clean shot lop off their tail with an axe. This knocks them off balance and then they run like a little retarded kid.

  2. Yeah….I visited India once, what a sewer pipe of a country….and the people……boy do they smell nice. The monkeys just run the place. Monkey crap everywhere with gangs of them just watching every move you make. Once I saw a mother monkey eat all 5 of her baby monkeys. Then one morning I was out for a walk and 3 big monkeys started stalking me…….following me about 20 yards behind. I waited until I got to a good spot and quickly turned around and shot all three of them with my .32 auto… Boy what a funny site….blood everywhere… should have seen the on-lookers (the more timid monkeys) scatter. People should resort to this type of defense against those annoying animals when traveling in India and Pakistan.

  3. It really bothers me that some on this site would allow harm to come to these docile creatures. They are just small animals looking for food. We don’t need more conservatives talking about killing monkeys. We need monkey protection! Sure they kill a random person here or there but that is an accepted risk. Occasionally there are bad monkeys out there. Maybe they were raised by violent monkey parents or had a traumatic monkey childhood. You don’t really know. Be nice to all monkeys and they will be nice to you. If one chews off your face then it is probably karma.

  4. Best way to handle upset monkeys is to shoot them with a bb gun. If you want to upset them then just pop them in the leg or chest. If you really want to do some damage pump it up real good and shoot at the face. Monkeys don’t blink real fast so a good shot to the eye will freak them out. They let out a real loud monkey noise and run in circles. The other monkeys will start screaming too, eventually they all run away.

  5. To discourage the little bastards from begging and robbing tourist of food and their personal possessions……give them tasty treats or banannas wrapped with cherry bombs or M-80’s. That will spook’em and curb their nasty behavior.

  6. i’ll tell you what’s gonna happen next. the monkey’s are taking over! ever hear of the hundredth monkey? their collective consciousness is causing this effect. there will be more monkey attacks, until there is a full scale assault from all corners of the planet. it’s pretty clear, we’re no match for a monkey.

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