Power Shift 2011 {Videos — Gore, McKibben, DeChristopher}

power shift 2011 d.c.Photo via Elvert Barnes

I did a short preview of Power Shift 2011 last week. Unfortunately, living across the pond (and half a continent away), I wasn’t able to make it to the event. If you’re like me & wish you could have been there, here are a few great videos from the event, videos of wonderful speeches on global warming, climate change, and activism by Tim DeChristopher, Al Gore, and Bill McKibben.

(Note: if you’re only going to watch 1 of these videos, I highly recommend Tim’s, though the other two are tremendous as well.)

The first video, Bill McKibben’s speech, was definitely something. “I have worked with Bill for a few years now, and I’ve seen him give a lot of speeches. Last night’s fired me up like never before,” May Boeve of 350.org wrote. “It’s something you need to see:”

A big thanks to Bill and the crew for recognizing the greatness of the bicycle and its key in creating a real power shift and creating real change to catastrophic, accelerated counter climate change.

Of course, he also discusses the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 350.org’s “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Speak for Me” campaign, which we’ve covered obsessively here on Planetsave in the past week or so. A highly-needed and truly great campaign.

The next video is of Al Gore’s great speech. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gore so impassioned. Another MUST SEE:

And the last one is from the truly inspiring, powerful leader Tim DeChristopher, who’s still waiting for his probable prison sentence for disturbing a oil and gas lease auction in 2008. As I said at the top, if you’re only going to watch one, this is the one. Watch it now:

Tremendous speeches.

Have more to share from Power Shift 2011? More videos, experiences, commentary? Drop a note in the comments below.

h/t Climate Denial Crock of the Week

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