Portland Green Festival Expo Is December 11-13

The Green Festival includes a Portland event this year, which will be hosted at the Oregon Convention Center, a building that has an LEED certification. Stormwater is also collected from the roof and passed through rock terraces, pools, and soil to filter it.


The event is a showcase of green products and services which also includes a number of learning opportunities for attendees to help them make their lives more sustainable.

Some key aspects of the festival are:

  • Making ‘green’ practical, viable and accessible to everyone
  • Hosting a marketplace for green brands and consumers who want to integrate sustainability
  • Achieving a zero-waste marketplace where companies are committed to
    environmental sustainability
  • Accommodating a diverse, sustainable community that is socially and environmentally responsible
  • Supporting green and fair trade principles
  • Bringing attention to vegan-vegetarian diets that are focused on organic, non-GMO and local artisanal foods.

Oregon Convention Center Halls B & C Hours: Friday: 12pm – 6pm; Saturday: 10am – 6pm; Sunday: 10am – 5pm.

Anyone who has attended a Green Festival can attest to the fact that they are unique and resource-filled experiences with a sense of inspiration and practicality. The visibility of sustainability for everyday people has been raised by these events put on in various cities around the country. The green festival is one of the best educational experiences in sustainability for consumers.

Image Credit: Oregon Convention Center

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