Polar Bears in Alaska Losing Fur and Developing Lesions


In the past few weeks, polar bears have been showing up with a loss of fur and skin lesions in the southern Beaufort Sea region of Alaska. The causes are currently unknown, but they don’t appear to have any other health problems.

20120409-165705.jpgUSGS scientists have taken tissue and blood samples from the bears to try to determine the cause. And to rule out, or make a connection with, the large number of seals and walruses with similar symptoms along the Alaskan coast last year. Since the original report, there have also been observations of seals with similar symptoms in Canada and Russia.


The extensive testing done last year on the seals still hasn’t come up with a cause, though the locations and the symptoms call to mind the Fukushima disaster.

You can read the full article on the USGS website.

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