MSNBC to Air 2 Hour Special on Animal Conservation: "100 Heartbeats"


Writing for GreenOptions I sometimes get contacted by PR firms wanting to promote projects. Sight unseen I usually shrug them off, I happen to only write about items that I have seen or used, and can feel good about endorsing. When MSNBC contacted me the other day with a preview of a new special on animal conservation, I figured it was probably more of the same stories I have seen over and over again. However, when I watched the preview it sucked me in. It is hosted by Jeff Corwin, a famous naturalist you have probably seen on TV. I can say wholeheartedly that this looks like something that I can feel good about endorsing.

Every 20 minutes a species will go extinct, 20,000 species this year, and this Sunday, November 22, 8PM Eastern MSNBC will be airing “100 Heartbeats” hosted by Jeff Corwin to fight back. You can watch the preview here:

The documentary will follow Corwin as he explores the places and predicaments of endangered animals around the world, as well as the people that work everyday to protect them. From the preview it looks like there are some very emotional stories that Corwin will impart to us.


The next premiere in MSNBC’s landmark Future Earth series, 100 Heartbeats. The 2-hour special, reported by famed naturalist Jeff Corwin, tells the story of the “Sixth Extinction” — an extinction caused by people and which can only be stopped by people.

Corwin’s year-long adventure in filming 100 Heartbeats took him to seven countries on four continents. Over the course of the two-hour special, Corwin not only reveals what humankind is doing to Mother Earth and its creatures, but viewers watch as Corwin works with authorities to expose the illegal and harmful practices that are killing off species.  Along the way, he spotlights the courageous men and women who are putting their own lives in danger to save endangered animals.

Preview “Future Earth: 100 Heartbeats,” airing Sunday, Nov. 22, at 8:00 p.m. ET on MSNBC.

I thought I would pass this along so you guys can check it out. I will be watching.

Image Credit: MSNBC

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  1. It is hard life living with people. Most deaths come from encounters with traffic, especially among nocturnal species. Other hazards include the bright lights, noise and lack of space.

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