Playboy Model Victoria Eisermann Advocates to Ban Racehorse Whipping by Offering to Give a Whipping

Victoria Eisermann UK Playboy model

Playboy model Victoria Eisermann joined in Animal Aid’s efforts to ban the use of whips on racehorses today, Ladies’ Day, by “offering punters the surprise experience of a spanking, using a diamond studded whip” at the gates of Royal Ascot. As Animal Aid reports: “This will allow race-goers a chance to experience a similar beating to that which horses will receive from jockeys during the Royal race meeting.”

While this might match some people’s fantasy, my bet is it wouldn’t be too pleasurable to experience.

“The whip is an instrument of pain. Race-goers will be able to experience for themselves just how horses feel when they are beaten,” Animal Aid’s Horse Racing Consultant, Dene Stansall, said leading up to the event today. “Animal Aid has been at the forefront of the campaign to ban the whip for a decade and we are convinced the public is with us on this important animal welfare issue. In October, the British Horseracing Authority is due to report its findings into the use of the whip, and unless it declares that a ban must follow, it will be betraying its duty to protect the welfare of horses.”

Whip Abuse on British Racecourses

Whip abuse is apparently “endemic” in British racing (and racing around the world, I imagine) and leaves horses needing oxygen or worse at the end of a race.

In March this year, Animal Aid published the results of a damning investigation revealing widespread, repeated and flagrant breaches of the British Horseracing Authority’s (BHA) rules on whipping. The report Beaten to The Line reveals that there were a staggering 887 breaches of the BHA’s rules during 2010. Many horses were wealed and one horse, Justabout, was wealed on two separate occasions. Another thoroughbred, Private Be, collapsed and died immediately after a race in which his jockey was found to have whipped him excessively. His rider – Richard Johnson – received just a one-day ban but kept his prize-money.

Truly Sickening — I can find no other word to describe this at the moment.

Great to see Victoria Eisermann using her star power to bring more attention to this issue.

One of the nation’s 60 racecourses has vowed to ban the whip this year, starting in October. Animal Aid, myself, and many others are hopeful that the other 59 will soon follow their noble lead.

Victoria Eisermann is No Stranger to Animal Activism

Eisermann, who I have to admit I had not heard of before this week, is apparently no stranger to animal activism. She is a vegetarian and has worked with PETA to oppose Foie Gras (something I have written about here on Planetsave as well), to oppose fur, and on World Water Day in a bathtub in London’s Trafalgar Square this March to promote going vegan or vegetarian.

“You can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist,” says Eisermann. Well, I second that.

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