Platypus (10 Friday Photos)

Platypus Photo 1

Why have I chosen the platypus? Because it’s a pretty awesome animal — I think it’s one of the most unusual creatures in the world! Moreover, when I was young I got a book about nature. I guess I wasn’t very aware of the existence of more animals than just common pets, but in that book I discovered something unbelievable! It was the platypus. I still remember that moment when I read about it, and when I was learning in school that mammals are animals which don’t have the ability of oviparity, I thought, “All right, but you forget about the platypus!”

Well, let’s look at some pictures of this magical animal, the platypus!

Platypus Photo 2 Photo Credit: monkeyonagazebo

Platypus Photo 3 Photo Credit: seancrane

Platypus Photo 4 Photo Credit: Dark Orange

Platypus Photo 5 Photo Credit: Mike Barish

Platypus Photo 6 Photo Credit: acechick

Platypus Photo 7 Photo Credit: Bevan Koopman

Platypus Photo 8 Photo Credit: Marina N. Neira

Platypus Photo 8 Photo Credit: AustralisWilds

Platypus Photo 10 Photo Credit: Alice & Seig

Don’t you think that I have some Australian mania recently?

Top Photo Credit: LandLearn NSW

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