Plant More Wind Power with GreenerGreenGrass (Click it for Good!)


It’s been awhile since we wrote about a Click it for Good! campaign. But there’s a new one going that could use all the clicks you can give it. You can go straight to the post to get clicking. It is: Share this link for free wind power – compliments of GreenerGreenGrass.

But just to give you a little more info, when you hit the sharing buttons on that story above, “GreenerGreenGrass will reduce 61 pounds of pollution (CO2) with Renewable Choice Wind Power.”

It’s really that simple. Jan van Voorst and GreenerGreenGrass are doing all the complicated stuff behind the scenes… as well as the wind power companies, of course.

For more on why wind power is such a great green answer, check out the full post (Share this link for free wind power – compliments of GreenerGreenGrass), in which Jan actually references some of our wind power pieces over on sister site CleanTechnica. You can also learn about GreenerGreenGrass over on that post. And, of course, don’t forget to hit all the sharing buttons!

Image Credit: wind turbines via shutterstock

2 thoughts on “Plant More Wind Power with GreenerGreenGrass (Click it for Good!)”

  1. Thanks for the post. This is my first time on your site, and I never considered all the possibilities, the numbers and the impact. Big wind power fan and I like the Greener than Green Grass campaign i read about too. 61 less pounds of pollution saved with every send. Awesome. Oh — and by the way, we have a green site of our own! Check out our blog ‘The WormFarm Chronicles’… Right now we’re talking about worm composting in the dining room with her permission —

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