PG&E Commits $1 Million To Solar-Powered Habitat For Humanity Homes

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Habitat for Humanity homes are a remarkable support to families. Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E), the leading utility with rooftop solar in the nation, deserves more praise for new support for Habitat for Humanity. In a news release, the utility announced its $1 million commitment to the installation of rooftop solar on nearly 100 solar-powered Habitat for Humanity homes.

The homes supplied with the money-saving and environmentally kind rooftop solar will be via 17 different Habitat for Humanity local affiliates throughout Northern and Central California. Providing the homes people need while keeping the environment in balance, utilizing clean solutions for energy improves everyone’s quality of life.

SolarWebPages_L3-solarandrenewable-homeimage news release reports, “From the Mendocino Coast to Merced, PG&E’s Solar Habitat Program, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, is making affordable housing and solar energy a reality.”

When solar is applied as a renewable energy choice, we all benefit. Nowhere is it more regenerative than when solar finds a way into neighborhoods that have been “historically underserved and overlooked,” as PG&E highlights.

“This commitment to clean energy and affordability is at the heart of our partnership with Habitat for Humanity,” said PG&E Corporation Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Public Policy, Helen Burt. Leading all other utility companies in the country, PG&E connects a new solar customer every 7 minutes. As well as working with previously ignored neighborhoods, the company is setting a standard to support predictions that the shift to solar energy is at hand.

This recent good news and support is following a previous 11 years of support from PG&E’s Solar Habitat Program. PG&E continues:

“Thanks to our partnership with PG&E and the Solar Habitat Program, Habitat homeowners spend less on electricity, and that helps us keep the overall cost of homeownership low. This is a critical piece of the overall affordability of Habitat homes,” said Kris Leja, Interim CEO of Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, a nonprofit affordable-housing developer whose innovative model offers homeownership opportunities to Bay Area residents.

The PG&E Solar Habitat Program lowers the electricity bill of an average household by $500 per year. Each solar panel generates nearly 300 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy from sunlight per month, avoiding the release of more than 132,000 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere over the 30-year life of the system. In total, Habitat families will save $10.5 million in energy costs through this partnership. In addition to funding the Solar Habitat Program, PG&E employees have provided more than 12,000 volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity through the years.

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