PETA Wants Ads on Indiana Garbage Trucks: "Meat Trashes the Planet"

PETA, whose banned Super Bowl ad is still getting crazy press coverage, has offered to help with Indiana’s budget troubles by paying for ads on all their recycling trucks.

The ads would read “Meat Trashes the Planet: Go Green, Go Vegetarian,” which PETA hopes will draw attention to the massive impact that the meat industry has on global warming and pollution. The organization sent a letter to the commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to offer to pay for the ads, but don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.


While PETA offers to do ads in all kinds of crazy places, they’re rarely allowed to go through with them due to their controversial message. However, this ad hits the nail right on the head, and this message needs to be seen by more people. Especially in a state like Indiana with heavy investments in animal agriculture.

For more information about how meat effects the planet, check out some previous stories from Planetsave:

And here’s a copy of the letter:

Images courtesy of PETA

2 thoughts on “PETA Wants Ads on Indiana Garbage Trucks: "Meat Trashes the Planet"”

  1. Well, hellooo?
    let me tell you what is the add showing on your eco-friendly web site:

    Buy/Rent Roll-Off Trucks
    Roll-Offs, Roll Offs, Trucks New & Used, Refuse Roll-Offs

    shouldn’t you do something about it?

    I totally think we (as a global community) should do everything we can to stop the massive destruction we are causing to the planet!

    Cheers 😀

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